Is Links Management Good for SEO in 2024? A Real (Repeat) Customer Review

Is Links Management Good for SEO in 2024 Real Customer Review

I’m writing this review with a head full of frustration and a wallet lighter by a few bucks right now.

I, like many others, sought out Links Management to give my PBN site a little SEO boost. Their promises of high-quality, natural-looking backlinks sounded too good to pass up.

Boy, was I wrong

Links Management Reviews: One Customer’s Cautionary Tale of Backlink Disaster

I purchased a package of “high DA” backlinks, expecting a steady, organic rise in my site’s authority. Instead, within a week, on one of the sites I sent a link to, my DA and PA plummeted like a stone dropped into Google’s algorithm abyss.

My carefully crafted PBN site was suddenly flagged as spam, rendering it useless for its intended purpose. DA 1, PA 1.

Runaround with Customer Support: A Bitter Pill to Swallow

I contacted Links Management, hoping for a quick resolution and not even a refund, but just to reallocate the money spent on that toxic link to a different link.

Their customer support was a whole other nightmare. Emails were met with generic, half-hearted responses from a very fake name sounding customer agent who didn’t even look at the screenshots I’d sent. It seemed like it was more of a frustrating game of ping-pong with unhelpful Indian bots.

The Sting of Inadequate Refund

I finally reached out one last time. But instead of sympathy, I received a glib reply and a partial refund. They returned only part of the money to my balance, and kept the subscription fee. When I pointed this out, they denied it.

I told them to go back and check out the screenshots, but not to worry because it’d be the last links I’d be getting with them anyway. That must have set off alarm and either they recognized they had kept the subscription fee for no link at all instead of returning it to use on the next link.

And that’s when one day I saw they had added 5x the credit into my account under a “customer loyalty bonus.” What a joke. So I’m supposed to keep buying their toxic links with their fake money they deposit into my account in the form of credits?

I requested an outright refund after that twice, even saying “Just give me $20 back and we’ll call it even.”

No dice!

A Scarred Toxic Backlink Survivor: Why I Don’t Recommend Links Management

My experience with Links Management was a bitter lesson in the dangers of trusting shady SEO services. Here’s why I wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot pole:

  • Unreliable backlinks: Their “high DA” links were clearly junk, causing more harm than good.
  • Abysmal customer support: Prepare for a frustrating runaround if you encounter any issues.
  • No refund policy: They’ll take your money and leave you holding the bag, even if their services ruin your website. They’ll even offer you free extra services to ruin other websites in your possession.

My Final Verdict: Just Say No for Your SEO!

I wouldn’t recommend Links Management to anyone, not even my worst SEO enemy. They’re a prime example of everything wrong with the backlink industry. If you’re looking for ethical and effective SEO solutions, steer clear of these shady operators.

Spread the Word: Protect Your PBN and Your Wallet

Share this review to warn others about the potential pitfalls of using Links Management. Let’s hold these companies accountable for their unethical practices and protect the integrity of the SEO community.

Remember, your PBN and your SEO reputation are precious. Don’t let Links Management or any other shady service take a bite out of them.

P.S. If you’ve had similar experiences with Links Management, please share them in the comments below. Together, we can raise awareness and prevent others from falling victim to their deceptive tactics

Disclaimer: This review is based on my own personal experience and should not be taken as definitive proof of Links Management’s overall service quality. However, it is important to share individual experiences to help others make informed decisions about their SEO strategies.

I hope this review helps you and others avoid the pitfalls of using Links Management for linkbuilding. Remember, there are plenty of reputable and ethical SEO services out there.

Choose wisely and protect your online reputation!

Thanks for reading our LInks Management Review!

Is Links Management Good for SEO in 2024 Real Customer Review