Business Sales and Marketing Consulting and Personal Development

Forget one-size-fits-all solutions.

We thrive on connecting, whether that’s face-to-face or through the digital magic of modern day communications.

Whether you’re seeking digital marketing mastery or simply need a brainstorming buddy, we’re here to hop on board and help you get after it, whatever it is.

Our Services

We research and share information in a consultant role to help entrepreneurs, business owners, interested consumers, and regular people like ourselves expand their growth. We also offer services like technical SEO checkups, ongoing SEO reporting and maintenance, content planning and management, marketing, sales, copywriting, publishing, and other consulting.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with our clients, and we believe gratitude makes all the difference in the world.

Make a One-Time Payment

Hop On a Call, Order a Report, or Retain Us on a Monthly Basis

1-Hour Phone Call

— For individuals and small businesses

Grab a full hour on the phone with me to talk about your project or business, brainstorm ideas, and collaborate on insights that will help you achieve new heights. Let’s talk about what you’re going to achieve this week, this month, this year, and beyond for your business or in your life.


1-Hour Zoom Call

— For individuals and small businesses

Meeting over Zoom will allow us to intimately gaze into each other’s eyes, and share screens so we can see what the other person it talking about. Like a phone call, only Zoomier, this option is available especially for those who like a more personable setting with the ability to check each other’s notes.


Essential Digital Marketing Plan

Building your online presence has never been easier with our services.

  • Website checkup including technical SEO with digital marketing plan for your business
  • Keyword research to help you rank
  • Recommendations for you to implement immediately in order to get your business off the digital launch pad

$99 one-time

Enterprise Monthly Package

(Confirmation email upon receipt. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for personal response)