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As a business owner, you’ll be making a lot of payments. While you might be using your business credit or debit card for most activities, you might still want to have checks available. But you don’t have to get the same old boring checks from your bank.

Checks Unlimited offers bulk orders of checks at discount with your own design, photo or logo available in top-tear and side-tear, single and duplicate, and single or three on a page. They also offer blank checks you can print yourself with your laserject from your favorite payroll software.

Key Takeaways:

  • Checks Unlimited makes ordering and reordering checks online for your business easy, while offering over 200 design options 
  • Checks from Checks Unlimited offer Securiguard and EZShield security features to protect you from fraud and adhere to American Banking Standards
  • Checks Unlimited provides other custom options like adding your favorite photo to your checks or even your favorite MLB team, Disney or Warner Bros. movies as well as other office supplies like stamp pads and stamps to leave your mark

At the same time electronic payment methods like ACH payments and wire transfers have grown in popularity, the use of checks has decreased. One of the benefits of a physical check, however, is it requires no fees for processing, unlike a credit card or ACH. Many businesses offer checks as payment to contractors and employees, and some people prefer physical bookkeeping and receipts. 

Checks are also handy for transactions that are above your credit card or debit card single-transaction limit or if you don’t want to carry a lot of cash or credit cards on you for safety reasons.

Checks Unlimited Review

Checks Unlimited is a company that’s been providing personal checks and business checks to over 50 million customers since 1986. The size of their core business staff is more than 10 people but less than 50, according to available public info. 

Legal name: Direct Checks Unlimited Sales, Inc.

Checks Unlimited BBB Rating

Checks Unlimited gets an A+ with the BBB

Checks Unlimited Featured Products and Services

Checks Unlimited offers the following:

  • General Purpose Checks: side tear checks, artistic checks, animal checks, floral checks, custom checks, collegiate checks, inspirational checks, photo checks, desk set checks, charitable checks, and standard classic checks
  • Checkbooks with Custom Covers: Choose from all your favorite check designs to customize your cover.
  • Computer Checks: if you use Quicken, Quickbooks or Microsoft Money as well as several others, you can cut your own checks on these paper checks already formatted for your accounting software to make your life easier.
  • 3-on-a-Page Checks: traditional binder of checks arranged three in a row for entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Single and Duplicate Checks: Duplicate checks are produced as pads with lighter, identically marked plain paper alternating with carbonless check paper. Every transaction is automatically recorded onto the plain paper by the carbonless check paper to create a permanent reference copy.
  • Address Labels and Address Stampers: standard paper labels with custom graphics, as well as several styles of stamper for putting your address on written mail and envelopes
  • Business and Office Accessories: endorsement stamps, debit card organizers, deposit slips, check registers, and guard-your-ID-stamps that can replace an office shredder for making your documents anonymous upon discarding

They offer best sellers, classics, and other popular designs that show off people’s likes and interests in a fun, expressive way that deviates from the standard blue check. Checks Unlimited also claims that you could save up to 50% by ordering with them as opposed to their banks.

All Checks Unlimited checks satisfy bank standards without the bank’s high fees while helping protect your checks in the event of unauthorized use with an EZShield Check Fraud Protection Program® advance of up to $25,000, and helping restore your identity with EZShield Pro. In addition, every check order comes with free standard shipping. 

Checks Unlimited Example Check

Show off your community-mindedness and love of the environment with a check that features a popular non-profit. Here, conservationist Ducks Unlimited branded checks show off the iconic characters from America’s wetlands, perfect for its 700,000 active supporters.

Now there’s one happy bird dog.

checks unlimited example check

Ducks Unlimited preserves, restores, and maintains wildlife habitats and associated wetlands for migratory birds in North America. Other wildlife and humans benefit from these habitats as well. A matching checkbook cover is also available.

Checks Unlimited Price

The Securiguard Classic Blue checks cost around $67 for 300 checks, while for basic personal checks, you can get 400 checks for just over $52, or 100 for $18.99. Checks with duplicates usually cost about 20% more than their singles counterparts. They regularly offer discounts on bulk orders.

Checks Unlimited Average Shipping Time and Cost

For the basic order with standard shipping and tracking, it will cost about $9 and you may have to wait 7 – 11 days, according to the Checks Unlimited website. Doing an “in-plant rush order” may get the checks to your address within 3 – 4 days, but the shipping will cost $20 and their website doesn’t reveal the surcharge for expedited order processing. 

As an option that I do not recommend, you can opt for their totally free shipping with no tracking at all, and expect to wait up to 3 weeks until you receive your checks. However, that seems risky.

Checks Unlimited Pros and Cons

While having been in business for 37 years, Checks Unlimited has some distinct benefits and disadvantages.

Checks Unlimited Pros

  • Fast shipping
  • Secure ordering online with SSL-protected site to guard your critical data
  • Products meet American Banking Association standards
  • Wide variety of options for checks as well as voucher checks, deposit slips, and business stampers to stamp your logo or seal on correspondence and receipts
  • While some of the online reviews were bad on the BBB site, they still got an A+, and it appeared that a company representative had addressed many of the concerns with full refunds
  • Money back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied

Checks Unlimited Cons

  • Some customers have complained that order errors have resulted in unexplained charges
  • Some customers have complained that the order tracking process is difficult
  • Checks Unlimited offers untrackable free shipping as a cheaper option, but it seems to create more problems than it solves overall and customers might not like the potential for lost checks in the mail
  • Introductory discount price might not be indicative of the future price when the customer reorders checks
  • Their website claims they can only use coupons by sending them in through the mail, though discount codes are available to enter online for the ordering process
  • Website and customer service representatives have received complaints about trying to add upsells and add-ons to increase your order total

Ultimately, Checks Unlimited delivers what they promise: personal and business checks at an affordable price. You might find a cheaper check elsewhere, but Checks Unlimited customers are comfortable doing business with them and have a predictable outcome they feel they can manage.

Conclusion: Checks Unlimited Review

A check is merely an approval to take money out of a bank account. It must include the payee’s name, the payment amount, and the date in order to accomplish this. Without physically exchanging any money, two parties to a transaction can conduct a financial transaction by using checks. 

While I prefer to keep things as digital and paperless as possible, Checks Unlimited offers a great value for those who prefer to use paper checks in their personal lives or business.

Checks Unlimited Contact Info

Checks Unlimited Website

Checks Unlimited Operating Address

8245 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 

Checks Unlimited Contact/Customer Phone Number


Checks Unlimited Headquarters and Written Correspondence (Mailing Address)

Lockbox 1345 P O Box 70345 • Philadelphia PA 19176-0345

Frequently Asked Questions – Checks Unlimited

What is Checks Unlimited?

As the first significant direct mail check printer, Checks Unlimited was founded in 1986 with the intention of providing exceptional value on high-quality checks. Checks Unlimited offers the EZShield Check Fraud Protection Program® and Identity Restoration Pro services, which can be included at cost to every check order to offer security and peace of mind.
They offer a wide selection of checks with personalized designs, including MLB teams, Disney and Warner Bros., and charity groups. Checks Unlimited offers the best prices when you buy 4 or more checkbook pads at a time.

How do I get a photo or my business logo on my checks?

Checks Unlimited makes it easy to add your favorite photo or a logo of your choice to your checks. Available in top or side tear, you can add up to 4 custom photos/images per checkbook so you have different check designs to share as you write your checks. They’re a great way to express your individuality and maximize your brand awareness.checks unlimited review

How can I get blank checks to print myself for my business?

As long as you have the proper software and a bank account, you can print your own checks on special Checks Unlimited pre-formatted paper check paper. You just need bookkeeping and font writing software in order to make business checks online. Software like QuickBooks, as just one example, is an option that allows you to make your own business checks.