Banner Buzz Custom Trade Show Booth Design Review

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Admit it. Your new custom business signs with their logos on them have never looked so good

That’s exactly the challenge that Banner Buzz, a decades-long leader in the custom signage space, is issuing to new business owners who are looking for the best signs, banners, and decals they can order online and get them fast. Instead of looking up “custom signs in my area,” you can get your very own branded signs and banners with tons of options to increase your visibility as a business from Banner Buzz.

Gaining visibility is important for business owners and entrepreneurs for their day-to-day operations, but it’s also useful if you plan on participating in trade shows to network with other industry professionals.

But, before you get to that point, you’ll want to see if Banner Buzz and their custom banners, signs, and decals can truly help your business stand out among the many. And is their customer service reliable and trustworthy enough to deliver a quality product on schedule and without a hassle?

Key Takeaways:

  • If it goes on a sign, Banner Buzz likely makes it: custom signs, banners and stands, decals, stand up displays, trade show exhibits and backdrops, business cards, flyers, table covers and more
  • Banner Buzz offers free design proofs to customers so they get the exact custom printable sign, flag, magnetic sign, step and repeat display that they want for their big events and branding opportunities
  • Customers can expect to receive their own custom order from Banner Buzz within two weeks once they approve the artwork and their team begins physical production, and will either replace your order if you’re not satisfied or refund you, less shipping

In 2007, Georgia Institute of Technology engineering graduate and Penn State MBA Nishant Shah started his first business, an environmentally friendly car wash. One significant challenge he faced frequently, though, was getting custom signs for his shop. Local businesses frequently struggled to meet the demands of creating signs specifically for his car wash company’s brand and marketing requirements.

Nishant realized there was a market need and strong demand to fill this gap and an opportunity to reach a sizably untapped market. This inspired him to launch in 2010 as a platform that specialized in designing custom signage. At present, Bannerbuzz employs more than 300 people worldwide and conducts business across three continents and seven of the world’s largest countries.

Banner Buzz makes signs and banners for all your business signage needs. They help entrepreneurs, CEOs, and companies with large commercial sign needs as well as regular consumers who just need a printable special event sign, like a happy birthday banner or display for their kid graduating school. 

Banner Buzz’s pull-up and roll up, pop-up stand signs are super handy for smaller businesses that need to get the attention of foot traffic passing by. Banner stands can help people notice your small boutique gym or fitness training center. Once inside, customers can benefit from compliance signs like restroom signs with an arrow that points the way.

Banner Buzz offers the following:

  • Custom signs for your business: business name and advertising signage, full color vinyl and polyester banners, two-sided banners, outdoor mesh banners, restroom signs for men, women and unisex, reserved for customer parking signs, custom street signs, caution and safety signs, no trespassing signs, large outdoor retail and custom exterior signs for your business, banner printing online, signicade a frame
  • Different materials and types of signs: cloth fabric banner signs and flags, aframe signs, magnetic signs for your car, decal signs for your car or truck back windshield, display stands and signs, rollup banner signs, pop up stands and signs, step and repeat signs and backdrops, table and booth displays, reflective signs, plastic stand signs, menu and sandwich sign boards
  • Way more than just signs: custom company calendars, inflatables, custom company pens, business cards, flyers, custom embroidered polo shirts for your company, fabric canopy pop up tents with your logo on them, flags, window decals, vehicle lettering for trucks, cars, and boats, custom promotional items like business coffee mugs, lanyards with your company emblem, and stainless steel water bottles, die-cut car decals, marketing materials
  • Sign accessories: nylon rope, nylon rope bags, wall and pole brackets, zip ties, banner clips, skyhooks, and red carpet to roll out for the reception and photo areas for VIPs

And the best part– you can re-use the signage if you travel a lot and do a lot of promotional events, so getting the highest quality signs and banners now will ensure you have quality marketing materials for the next several years, especially if you already have a great logo.

Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Can’t you just see all those beautiful people stopping by your trade show booth right now in your mind, checking out your custom desigsn and premium tabletop with logo? Thumbing through your business marketing materials. Exchanging business cards. Insisting you meet someone important they know and have lunch sometime.

Oh, that’s right. It’s football season, isn’t it. That’s why you sprung extra for the pop-up tent canopy, just to give all the other business owners that laid back, tailgate feel while you charm and shmooze your way to the B2B equivalent of 2nd base.

Good call.

The business or industry trade show is often one of the primary inbound and direct marketing events for the small or medium sized business, and for good reason: trade shows have a lot of other likeminded, motivated people who share a genuine passion in a common interest who are willing to spend money. They’re also great places to get investors on board.

Tips on Effective Trade Show Exhibits

An effective trade show exhibit should be:

  • Simple and straightforward – a high quality full color vinyl banner is memorable and recognizable and announces your business to passersby with the utmost confidence and respect
  • Trustworthy and a reflection of your overall competence – how good your trade show booth design is and how much thought went into it can reveal telling things about how you work to the public, so don’t cut corners here or anywhere else because someone will notice
  • Aesthetically pleasing and good at bringing out the feelings you associate with your brand and logo – this is an opportunity to put your mission statement into a visual format that requires no words, people just “get it”
  • Custom made with your own branded logo and business color scheme that expresses your uniqueness and memorability – trade shows are a great opportunity to stamp your brand into the minds of the marketplace (you never know who’s going around and doing interviews on camera)
  • Easy and large enough to see – nothing looks worse than an exhibit table at a trade show with a few home-printed marketing materials and a couple of small stand-up flyers; go big and show the world you have an abundant, positive mindset

Viewing every interaction with the public as a representative for your brand is another chance to win someone over to your side. Treating it as a work of art– an experience or a concept– is just another great way to let curious people get to know you and enjoy your brand.

Because people make decisions on how they feel when they’re around you, they’ll unconsciously start to trust you more, just as if you pulled up to the conference in an exotic luxury car and people assumed you were successful.

Using Your Custom Exhibit to Increase Brand Awareness and Put Your Uniqueness on Display

People like something they can feel. You want to give your audience a reason to pause and engage in conversation, much like when designing a special exhibit booth or tabletop brand promotion that enhances the experience. They’ll appreciate that you’re going above and beyond.

Make a display or model that presents your new product or service and demonstrate how it improves the community, for instance. Offer free drinks and refreshments that relate to what you’re presenting somehow in a fun or catchy way. Keep it light, positive, and receptive.

Be generous with your promotional items—remember, it’s quality, not quantity. There are only so many corporate koozies that any human being can realistically have and use during a single lifetime.

Here are some additional strategies for grabbing onlookers’ attention at trade shows:

  • Demos of products
  • An award wheel/success reel
  • Escorted tours
  • Display of case studies
  • Entertaining and engaging media
  • A short movie
  • A plug-in station
  • Trivia, quizzes or games
  • Giveaway or raffle

Offering a raffle is a great way to get people to come by your trade show booth a second time, as well as an opportunity for both the winner and yourself to share on social channels what they’ve won. Free advertising and marketing opportunity.

Custom Trade Show Displays Best Practices

Are you prepared to stand out from the crowd at trade shows or promotional events? We’re here to help with our completely customizable trade show signage. Now you can design your entire booth, from the large backdrops and banners to the small signage and tablecloths for displays, with a polished, coordinated appearance. 

Start by grabbing their attention with a commanding gesture that leaves a lasting impression. A large, custom retractable or roll-up banner with your logo prominently displayed in full color will make an impression and pique the general interest. After that, other custom signage and pop-up displays should be included on a setting of premium fabric or cloth display table covers. 

Finally, what a lot of people don’t realize is that when it comes to putting your potential audience at ease, open or empty space is just as crucial as having both the physical message and “the goods” on hand that define and characterize your business.

Exhibit Displays, Banners and Extra Lighting

The great thing about portable signage and exhibit displays is how easily you can reuse them and store them away until the next event. A backdrop with a custom mural artistically and tastefully featuring your business will be complemented by extra touches like lighting to give it that extra special effect. Take, for example, this banner buzz portable canopy tent with rollup stand and table cover.

banner buzz portable canopy tent with rollup stand and table cover

With an option like that and a few more marketing pieces, you’re almost there. But what if you added some light, like a battery powered hanging lamp at two of the front-facing corners? In marketing, light is often overlooked at the business’s detriment.

Anyone who’s traveled the world and been to retail stores in developing countries has probably noticed the lack of light. Poor lighting can create an unnecessarily dreary time whereas plenty of light and organization can instill confidence in your customer that they are having a premium experience. 

Without overdoing it, complementary lighting can help. Unfortunately, Banner Buzz does not offer lighting options.

Banner Buzz Legal Name: Design Print Banner LLC

Registered Office:

595 Old Norcross Road, Suite G, Lawrenceville GA 30046 United States

Phone: 800-580-4489

3440 E. Roeser Road Phoenix, AZ 85040

Sales Office:

595 Old Norcross Road, Suite G, Lawrenceville GA 30046 United States

Phone: 800-580-4489

16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE 19959

Banner Buzz gets an A- with the BBB

There are usually a variety of discounts that Banner Buzz is running at any given time. Check out what Banner Buzz coupon or promo codes can give you a discount like FIRSTORDER that gets you 20% off your first order.

Banner Buzz is moderately priced when compared to competitors.

  • A custom 6 x 10 ft. full-color banner costs about $125 and you can receive a 20% discount for ordering 2 or more.
  • A roll up banner stand with your custom graphic display costs around $108.
  • A 10 x 10 ft. blue gazebo marquee tent canopy by itself costs around $215.

Remember to load up on available discounts and coupon codes before you press the buy button.

While having been in business for over 15 years, Banner Buzz has some distinct benefits and disadvantages.

  • 3.8 / 5 TrustPilot ranking by actual customers
  • Some customers praise Banner Buzz and say they got a superior product within a reasonable amount of time
  • Prices reported by customers as being fair, straightforward, and competitive compared to other sign and banner producers
  • May provide an exceptional banner display, brochure, cataolog, business sign, custom made perforated window signage, custom floor and yard sign, or decal for your storefront or car window– if you’re ok with a flexible delivery date

  • Some customers have complained that orders did not show up on time, and then they got the run-around from customer service
  • Customers have said that Banner Buzz will sometimes deliver late for a deadline, and they’ll blame the shipping carrier instead of taking responsibility themselves
  • Some customers have said that everything was great with them up until last year, when customer service changed
  • Return customers say that the company has completely changed their attitude towards them and don’t value their loyalty
  • Some customers report customer service via phone is difficult to access, so communicating about shipping times is unnecessarily difficult
  • Many customers report with disappointed surprise the shipment coming late and from India, not locally from their region

Ultimately, Banner Buzz delivers what they promise: custom business signage in all types of formats, materials, and styles with personalized branding tailored to your preferences. When they get it right, they knock it out of the park. When they get it wrong, folks sound pretty miserable.

Conclusion: Banner Buzz Review

I appreciate how Banner Buzz became a banner and sign company out of a real business need for signage resulting from a car wash business. It would seem they’ve done really well and processed a lot of orders since they became official, just 15 years ago or so.

Their concepts and bundles are sure to help folks out there. The design and proof-approval process is relatively easy, and their product quality is pretty consistent. However, in recent years, it seems that their shipping times have become an issue for many customers. 

In my honest opinion, they seem kind of hit-or-miss these days. I don’t want to point fingers or speculate as to why considering supply chain issues and “the new normal” certainly have not helped with global supply routes. 

Check out Banner Buzz for yourself and compare them to other custom sign makers before making your final decision. Feel them out a little and test to see if the process looks like it’s going to be pain-free and prosperous. Still, from the sounds of it, there’s no guarantee that your order won’t experience complications. 

But the math is still in favor of Banner Buzz doing an acceptable job overall. And whether you do business with them or not, just remember, your business needs haven’t changed and you’re reading this for a reason.

And I’d call that a sign.

Frequently Asked Questions – Banner Buzz Review

Does Banner Buzz offer a discount, promo or coupon code?

Banner Buzz offers a variety of discount, promo and coupon codes which are not readily available unless you search for them or go through the ones mentioned on our site here at Upwardpreneur. They offer wholesale discounts for large commercial orders and first-time customer discounts.Banner Buzz Custom Trade Show Booth Design Review

Is Banner Buzz legit?

Banner Buzz is legit if you’re looking for custom vinyl signs in full color, large format banners and retail signage for indoor or outdoor environments, and anything you might need to put your business or team on prominent display at a trade show. Their quality is well-known, but their express shipping times have been called into question for their reliability.