Optimizing Your Business

employee attendance and time tracking software

Automating Employee Time Tracking and Payroll with Apps and Software

The average full-time employee works 37.5 hours per week in the U.S. Over half of employers experience some level of time theft or labor issues with employees clocking in or out at work. The total national cost: over $400 billion per year

Growth Marketing, Brand Awareness and Visibility

Growth marketing is where your business’s smaller size might even help you. People love the feel of something exclusive, boutique, and intimate. Meeting the customer’s needs and exceeding their expectations in your own signature style will skyrocket your brand awareness and visibility.

Growth Marketing Brand Awareness and Visibility
Small business compliance with taxes rules and regultions

How to Handle Small Business Rules, Taxes, Compliance for Employees and More

In order to remain in business, you’ll have to keep your company compliant with taxes, federal and state laws, and deadlines for your employees. Learn how to get compliant now– then automate it.

Does Your Business Really Need Customer Service and Live Chat Software?

There really is no substitute for a product that works, competent staff, and good customer service software with a ticket support system. With the right live chat software, you can both provide technical support around the clock and capture new leads for your business during off-peak hours.

live chat and customer support software
Social Media Influencer Strategy

Why You Might Need a Social Media Influencer Strategy

Influencer marketing is similar to word-of-mouth marketing, but it doesn’t rely on specific recommendations alone. Influencers can originate from a variety of sources, and any person, team, organization, place, or thing has the potential to have an influence.

How to Scale Your Small or Medium Sized Business With Automation and Free Resources

Learn how to scale your business by getting things in place right from the beginning. Automate and scale your logistics, tracking, fulfillment and marketing now so you’ll be ready to meet increased demand later.

Scaling Your Small or Medium Sized Business SMB
Business Startup Guide and Checklist

Business Startup Checklist

Starting a business isn’t easy, but it is possible– even in today’s economy. The more you plan ahead, the better your chances for profitability and business longevity will be. Learn what you need to do from the start to set yourself up for success.

Buying Insurance for Your Specific Business Needs

You’ll want to be covered in the event of an accident. Business insurance protects your company from financial loss in the case of a crisis or an unforeseen occurrence. Save by choosing only what you need.

Business General Liability and Commercial Property Insurance