Ditch the Expensive Daily Starbucks Coffee with Clio and Save

clio coffee maker review

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We’ve all been there.

That morning scramble, bleary-eyed and desperate for a caffeine fix. You stumble into Starbucks, lured by the siren song of a venti latte, and suddenly that $7 price tag doesn’t seem so bad.

But what if I told you there was a way to get your barista-quality coffee fix without breaking the bank or sacrificing convenience?

Enter Clio, the single-serve coffee brewer that’s about to change your coffee game (and your bank account).

The Math of Making Your Coffee at Home is Brewing Up a Storm with Clio Coffee

Let’s do some quick coffee math. Let’s say you’re a regular at Starbucks, grabbing that daily grande coffee, latte or Frappucino for an average of $5 after tax and tip. That’s $35 a week, $150 a month, and a whopping $1,800 a year!


Now, compare that to brewing your own coffee with Clio. A 30-day supply of Clio pods costs around $30, and each pod makes you a perfect cup of coffee or tea, caffeinated or decaf. That’s about a dollar a cup, and just $365 a year.

You’d be saving over $1,335 a year, and that includes the initial cost of the Clio coffee maker machine itself.

See where I’m going with this?

Beyond Price: Why Clio’s Value is More Than Just Saving a Buck or Two on Your Dunkin’ or Starbucks Coffee

Ok, sure, saving money is great, but Clio offers so much more than just financial freedom, like avoiding large lines and unruly crowds, locked bathrooms that you need a code for, and absent-minded baristas who keep putting dairy in your non-dairy dark roast coffee!

Here’s why Clio just might be the ultimate weapon in your fight against overpriced coffee:

  • Barista-quality coffee, at home: Clio uses high-pressure brewing technology and Italian-engineered pods to extract the maximum flavor and aroma from your coffee beans. No more weak, watery brews!
  • Convenience is king: Forget the lines and the wait. With Clio, you can have a delicious cup of coffee in under a minute, just like that.
  • Endless coffee creativity: From espresso to lattes, cappuccinos to macchiatos, Clio lets you explore your inner barista and craft your perfect cup every time.
  • Sustainable sips: Say goodbye to wasteful paper cups and plastic pods. Clio’s pods are compostable, and the machine itself is energy-efficient.

Clio vs Keurig: The Instant Coffee Pod Maker Showdown

Both Clio and Keurig offer convenient single-serve coffee brewing with pods, but when it comes to taste, quality, and value, Clio takes the crown.

Here’s a quick breakdown:


  • Clio: Uses high-pressure brewing technology similar to espresso machines, extracting more flavor and aroma from the beans. Think richer, bolder coffee. ☕️
  • Keurig: Uses simple drip-brewing, resulting in weaker, less nuanced coffee.


  • Clio: Pods are made with premium, Italian-roasted beans and contain 60% more grounds than Keurig pods, leading to a fuller-bodied cup. 🇮🇹
  • Keurig: Pod variety can be inconsistent in quality, and some contain artificial flavors and fillers.


  • Clio: While Clio pods are slightly more expensive individually, they make a larger (10oz vs 6oz) and stronger cup, so you actually use less per serving. Plus, the compostable pods are eco-friendly! ♻️
  • Keurig: Keurig pods can be pricey, and you often need to use extra pods for a stronger brew, making it less cost-effective in the long run. Additionally, considering you’ll be using 200% of the time having to double up to get a 10 – 12 oz cup of coffee, you’ll be reducing it’s lifespan twice as fast, while having to spend twice as long to brew the same cup with Clio.


  • Both brewers are user-friendly and make coffee in under a minute. ⏰
  • Keurig is about half the price for its base model, but Keurig also tends to have a low customer satisfaction rating.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to your priorities. If you value taste, quality, and want to ditch the plastic waste, Clio is the clear winner. If basic convenience and affordability are your main concerns, Keurig might suffice.

Now let’s compare Clio to the other big names in this pod coffee space!

Value Comparison: Clio vs Nespresso vs K-Cup Coffee

Cost per cup~$0.83~$0.75~$0.50
Machine cost$99+$129+$39.99+
Coffee varietyMediumHighWide
Coffee qualityHighHighVaries
Brewing speedFast (30 seconds)Fast (30 seconds)Fast (60 seconds)
Waste & sustainabilityCompostable podsRecycled aluminum podsPlastic pods (some recyclable)
CustomizationAdjustable strength & sizeLimitedLimited
Value for moneyHighModerateHigh (budget-friendly)


  • Clio: Offers high-quality coffee at a fair price, with compostable pods and an emphasis on taste. Best for those who prioritize quality and sustainability while appreciating a bigger cup of coffee in half the time and resources. This is due in part because Clio has a large 48 oz. water reservoir for making your favorite pod coffee.
  • Nespresso: Delivers exceptional coffee and variety, but with a higher initial investment and less focus on eco-friendly pods. Best for discerning coffee lovers.
  • K-Cup: Most affordable option with wide variety, but coffee quality can be inconsistent and pods often generate plastic waste. Best for budget-conscious coffee drinkers.

Remember: This is a simplified breakdown. Consider your budget, coffee preferences, and environmental concerns when making your choice.

For the discerning coffee lover who still appreciates the convenience of capsule or pod-based coffee, Clio’s premium experience is worth the slight price bump, especially considering durability and the added volume of each serve.

And, to celebrate your newfound coffee independence, should you be so bold and dark roasted with flavor and willing to give them an honest shot, they’ll give you a discount through the following code.

Clio’s Instant Pod Coffee Price and Discount Codes

Just enter the dicount code “50OFF” during checkout. Click the link during checkout, then enter your coupon code to get the updated price like the picture shows below:

So, ditch the overpriced coffee habit and join the Clio revolution. Your taste buds (and your wallet) will thank you.

Is Clio the Best Single-Pod Capsule Coffee Machine?

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  • Share your Clio creations with the hashtag #ClioCoffee and inspire others to join the coffee-brewing revolution!

Remember, small changes can lead to big savings. So, skip the Starbucks line, grab your Clio, and get ready to brew your way to coffee bliss (and financial freedom)!

Thanks for reading our Clio coffee maker review!

Happy brewing!

Clio coffee maker review