Best Choice Roofing Review: How Best Choice Roofing Violates the US Commercial Code, Unbeknownst to Customers and Workers

Best Choice Roofing Review from Former Employee

Buyer Beware: Questionable Practices at Best Choice Roofing?

If you’re considering a career at Best Choice Roofing, or you’re a current employee, this post might be helpful. Here, we’ll discuss some concerning allegations about their business practices, specifically how managers allegedly:

  • Profit from Unconverted Sales: There are claims that managers benefit from salespeople’s contingencies, even if those sales haven’t reached the contract stage. This means salespeople put in the effort, but managers reap the rewards before the sale is finalized if the employee is let go beforehand.
  • Authoritarian Management: A culture of strict obedience and authoritarianism is allegedly fostered by management. This can create a stressful and inflexible work environment.
  • Greed Over Fairness: The focus seems to be on profit at any cost, with some alleging the company prioritizes money over ethical treatment of employees.
  • Potential Withholding of Compensation: There are concerning reports that new hires may not be receiving their rightful share of commissions or splits. This could be a significant financial blow for new employees.
  • Free Labor from Commission-Only Workers for Months at a Time: It may take a very long time before a Best Choice Roofing salesperson is paid anything significant, regardless of how much of a natural salesperson or roofing inspector there are. In the meantime, the worker is expected to pay for gas and meet quotas regarding contact and sign up targets out-of-pocket, and the failure to do so can result in early termination and forfeiture of previously signed up, viable business.

Clearly Best Choice Roofing leaves itself a lot of outs, but are they all truly law-abiding? What about violating the US Commercial Code itself regarding undue enrichment and procurement in commerce for unpaid, signed-up customers due to the knock of a salesperson?

Best Choice Roofing Review from Former Employee

Best Choice Roofing is not much different from other roofing companies with bad reputations or outside sales outfits; they mainly hide their worst aspects from potential customers and employees.

In fact, they expose nearly 2 out of 3 customers alone to losing their own insurance after getting them to file a wind and hail damage claim, since Best Choice Roofing does no repairs but your insurance company still expects you to fix any problems, once you report them, even if a claim is only partially approved.

After having worked for Best Choice Roofing, I can now understand the complaints regarding reading the former employees’ reviews on Indeed. Many accused them of being a pyramid scheme. This is due to the tiered commission and payment structure going from managers down to salespeople.

Managers take a cut of all deals, and there are many situations where managers take their cut in addition to a split, because employees are expected to go out and ride with the managers a few times a month. That means a split deal is automatic. But they don’t treat the work that goes into one as split work. They want the pay while you run the appointments. And they’ll get all the pay if they can kick you out the door while all your deals are waiting for insurance approval and final signature (a formality, at that point).

This also frees up their time to barely-train new faces in the door, which in many cases, the training class dissolves before the end of training and/or only one person from each 10-person training group makes it, occasionally. Best Choice Roofing also takes advantage of recent college grads and military veterans, even homeless people. It’s all the same to them.

Then they’ll play the victim card while not paying you, and even profiting from the customers you initially signed up. It’s so commonplace, no wonder they behave the way they do and some former employees describe never feeling like they could actually trust anyone. The managers themselves lead an unhealthy lifestyle and lust after money as if it were a love interest, the roofing managers don’t change their phone number to match the local area code after they’ve been in your town for years so they clearly see themselves as not within the community, yours just happens to be in the vicinity of a branch office.

They will take advantage of a new hire and try to take the whole portion of the deal split if it doesn’t go to insurance and only comes back as out-of-pocket cash deal just because the new staff member is not aware of all the ins and outs yet, violating even company policy like “the last to knock get the credit.”

They are not above tricks and taking what isn’t theirs. I also found it odd at my branch that their last names all seemed quite similar and they all kinda looked and acted the same. And they certainly felt comfortable cursing out or blaspheming JC once or twice a week in front of everyone with slurs that I’m not the biggest fan of. They will say you’re unprofessional, even as they as managers vape in the sales or training meeting. No, you’re only unprofessional to Best Choice Roofing if they don’t like you. But it’s also profitable for them to not like you, as many find out.

What about BCR managers renting each other real estate? Conflict of interest should be obvious there. Or a 61-page onboarding document with non-competes which the FTC recently ruled illegal, and payment sunsets, which no one will ever quite explain of course. Best Choice Roofing is okay with committing fraud. The assistant manager lied in writing on a contingency just to get a hat at the next sales meeting.

No one cares about the willingness to commit fraud as long as it never comes back on them. BCR has a very imperfect work and sales process that they use to profit without paying some salespeople, which only benefits managers that much more and increases their per deal %. So once again, the deception and theft are not bugs, they’re features to a Best Choice Roofing manager.

It is however illegal under procurement and unjust enrichment under the US commercial code.

That’s probably why a lot of it sounds obviously wrong.

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What You Can Do

If you’re concerned about these allegations, here are some steps you can take:

  • Research the Company: Look for online reviews from current and former employees to get a broader perspective of the work environment at Best Choice Roofing.
  • Ask Questions in Interviews: If you’re interviewing for a position at Best Choice Roofing, be sure to ask pointed questions about compensation structures, management styles, and company culture.
  • Report Unethical Behavior: If you witness or experience unethical behavior at Best Choice Roofing, there are ways to report it. You can start by speaking with Human Resources or a trusted manager. If that doesn’t work, consider reporting the issue to an external agency.

Remember, you deserve to be treated fairly at work. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself and seek out a work environment that values its employees.


This post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.